Luke 4:30
But Jesus passed through the midst of them and went away.
A number of years ago there was a movie made of the life of Jesus, based on the gospel of St. Luke. I remember a particular scene because of the striking way they portrayed it. Jesus was being pushed toward the cliff edge. However, when they got him to the edge, he turned to face them, and they all stopped pushing him. And he just walked through the midst of them. And they, in silence, parted like Moses and the Red Sea.
I believe the filmmakers were trying to show the idea of the strength and Majesty of Jesus. This was not his time, nor the way in which he was to die. So he revealed his Majesty in such a way that the people could not continue what they were doing.
Yet, when it came time for him to die, he went like a sheep to the slaughter. But when he went to his death, he did not go like a meek sheep, but went as a crouching lion ready to leap up and destroy the evil in the world, especially death. Remember, one of the titles of Jesus is that he is the Lion of Judah!
This has been one of the constant paradoxes of the Christian faith. Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Lion of Judah, the invincible conqueror of death and the devil… chooses to act like a lamb.
And when God speaks to Jeremiah, it is with words intended to strengthen him for the work he was about to do: “be not crushed on their account, as though I would leave you crushed before them; for it is I this day who have made you a fortified city, a pillar of iron…”
And what are we facing in our day? A media that thinks the worst of a group of young Catholic men, marching for the right to life. State legislators cheering because they pass an abortion bill so aggressive as to be willing to kill a child up to the MINUTE before it is naturally born.
These things are abominations, period. No one can justify these kinds of actions. Anyone who supports these kinds of laws, or these kinds of legislators, or this kind of media, are placing themselves spiritually at extreme risk. Yes, I know, what I am saying may not be well received, but it must be said. The liberal agenda that seems to have so infected the Democratic Party is unsupportable for any conscientious Catholic. Keep in mind: I said the agenda. This agenda is demonic, though none of those who have supported it are beyond the mercy of the Lord, if they would only wake up and ask for his forgiveness.
I know, some people may think I am overstepping my bounds, and getting into politics. But I don’t think I am doing that, I am simply stating that these ISSUES are not supportable by Catholics. And, make no mistake, some of the methods for immigration control being supported by the Republican Party are also a problem. And I do not say that just to be “evenhanded”.
Yet, where the liberal minded agenda has taken such a strong root, it is clear they are not supporting what we would call good Christian morals. This is why there has been such glee in the media regarding the failures of members of the church. They want the church to be dismissed as a voice for truth, justice, and natural law.
We have to take a stand. The promise God gave to Jeremiah is that those who would choose to fight against him would not prevail. We have to trust that God is still faithful to that same kind of declaration, and that we are the recipients of the strength of the Lord.
Yes, it is true that Jesus went to his death, but that was not the end, as we know! Jesus will see us through to the resurrection. It may not be a resurrected society. We may see persecution so strong that we may find ourselves like the martyrs of old. Yet, as the Psalmist said today. “In you, oh Lord, I take refuge; let me never be put to shame.”
Our only source of shame will be if we fail to live as a pillar of iron, or a wall of brass. We must stand with the Lion of Judah. And as for myself, I am waiting to hear him roar.
Lord Jesus, we make King David’s prayer our own: “Be my rock of refuge, a stronghold to give me safety, for you are my rock and my fortress. O my God, rescue me from the hand of the wicked.”
We have been witnessing the wicked shout in glee at their supposed victories. Yet you are the victorious Lamb, the Lion of Judah. Overcome the darkness of our land, and help us to restore a sense of righteous thinking, that protects the rights of all, especially the unborn, who have no one else to cry for them.
Give us the courage and the wisdom we need to speak truth to those who do not understand truth. To speak love to those who would distort love. To offer mercy to those who are merciless. In a word, to be You in this world today. Amen.