Being a member of the SSPP Resource Group is a great way to meet people and help our parish save money on needed repairs.

The Mission:
We, the members of the Sts. Peter and Paul Resource Team, utilize our individual skills and talents to focus on saving the parish campus financial resources by using the God-given talents we have individually received.  We come together with mutual respect and a shared vision in this goal.

Who can join:
Membership to the SSPP Resource Group is open to all parishioners, contractors, neighborhood advisers or city officials.

What we do:
The Resource Group works on the church and sometimes on the school buildings dependent on the project. The Church or Consortium approves repair work depending on the budget and safety factors in involved.  We seek out personal donations and financial or gifts in kind to pay for the cost of the repair.  We use the money to make repairs, replacements, upgrading and to purchase tools for the campus needs all while saving the parish money.

What we need:
More adult participation to help with facilitating repairs:

  • People with plumbing knowledge
  • People with electrical knowledge
  • People with carpentry knowledge; this would include masonry, painting, tile work, roofing. etc.
  • General labor skills and a desire to help with destruction, rebuilding and/or clean up
  • New ideas on how to raise money

Why we do it:
We want to save the parish money and work to build a stronger parish community.

Join us:
If you would like to come see what this group is all about, meetings are open and members do not have to pay dues.
We try to meet as needed but at least six times  a year to discuss goals, projects and agendas for completion.
We use group emails as out main source of communication.

Current Officers

John Vaida (Chairman)  Cell (402) 718-0524  Home (402) 733-4359   Phone/Fax (402) 594-0495

SSPP Office (402) 731-4578

John Garner ( Assistant Chairman)
Ted Nestroyl ( Assistant Co Chairman)
Deb Garner (Secretary)

** If you see something that needs to be repaired or would like to volunteer to help with a project, e-mail (MAINTENANCESSPP@COX.NET).
This will send an e-mail to the SPP Resource Group Officers, the School Principal, the Finance Director and the Pastor.