As time allows, confessions are ½-hour before the weekend Masses. Also, Confessions are from 3:30 to slightly before the 5 p.m. Mass, at whichever church that Mass is. You can also make an appointment with Father for another time.

Baptisms are arranged for each person to be Baptized. Parents of infants or young children are required to a class on Baptism. There is a set class every second Friday of the month in Spanish. Appointments for the class in English can be made with the pastor. Please call the rectory to arrange for this lesson and set a date for the Baptism. Godparents are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to attend this lesson with the parents.

One member of the couple should be registered and actively involved in the parish at least one year prior to setting the wedding date

Hospital Visits
Please notify the rectory to inform us of hospitalization and we will be happy to visit you.