Last weekend I spoke about calumny and detraction as categories of gossip. I also said that these are mortal sins. What I did not give you is a good solution for that problem. If someone comes to you beginning to tell you gossip, the best way I know to stop that is to say something like this: “well I guess that person needs some prayers.” If you keep responding in this way, the people who like to gossip will stop coming to you.
If you have a tendency to gossip, start a conversation about someone else with: “I hear so-and-so needs some prayers.” If you start the conversation with those words, you will be less inclined to tear them down, but will instead lift them up and give them some prayer support for whatever they are going through.
This approach does take practice and discipline. But that is true with every virtue.
Before turning to our readings for this weekend, I want to announce that I intend, starting last weekend, to preach a series on major areas of sin. Today we will look at one of the seven capital sins. You want a list of those capital sins first? That is fair. So …read more

Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts