Our first reading, the translators of the Scriptures have made, in my estimation, an unfortunate choice of words. Rather than saying “you duped me Lord, and I let myself be duped”, the best word in English is probably “you seduced me, O Lord! And I let myself be seduced.” Now, that sounds like a strange word, in some ways. Other translations use different words: deceived, enticed, both of those are used. Duped. Seduced.
Personally, I like the word enticed. God invites us to serve him and to be one with him. He calls the church his bride. So the word “duped” is not the best translation. He also calls each one of us to serve him as fully as we possibly can. And out of love, to serve Him. That is why I like the word enticed.
The rest of the reading from Jeremiah points out what happens when we are enticed into the service of God. We cannot keep it to ourselves. To me, this is the most powerful part of God’s enticement of our lives. At the end of the reading, Jeremiah says he could not help but to speak about the wonders of who God is.
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Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts