No habrá un podcast Español este fin de semana, porque viajo a Roma.
There will not be a Spanish podcast this weekend, because I am travelling to Rome.
We are entering what is probably the most important part of John’s sixth chapter in regards to describing the Eucharist. Jesus does not cut any corners, or some of his rhetoric in describing what he is saying to the Jews of his day.
As a matter of fact, he digs deeper than expected. The first time he says “eat my flesh,” He uses a different word than what he uses in the successive times. In these successive times, he uses a Greek word that is much more graphic, because it means to gnaw, not just to eat. It would be like the animals choosing to gnaw on a bone.
At this point. Many of the followers of Jesus chose to leave him. Even some of his disciples. Next weekend we will hear about that more clearly. In fact, the line is: “this is too hard to take.” And they walk away, because cannibalism is not something that they thought should be allowed.
Of course, we are looking at it with 2000 years of history. And with an …read more

Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts