“For Jews demand signs and Greeks look for wisdom…”
Let us start off by removing “Jew” and “Greek” from this phrase. There are still people today who cannot approach our faith because they do not see the wisdom in God’s decision to act as he did or because they do not accept the claims of signs from God in our faith.
I think these are two of the reasons so many have chosen to walk away from the faith. It has become irrelevant, not because that is the true place of faith, but because they are too comfortable in what they think they know. And if anyone tries to point out their failure, they dismiss their challenger as being as irrelevant as they think God is. And in this, they prove themselves as not being able to use reasonable thought at all, even though they consider themselves to be intellectuals.
So let us look at these two things: Signs and Wisdom.
Signs. The disbelievers will say such things as: “What has God done recently? How has he revealed himself with power and signs? Where is the next Fatima miracle? How has God spoken to me? I do not see any evidence of God’s …read more

Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts