Last weekend at Saint Mary, and this weekend here we had Deacon Jim Tardy from the Archdiocese of Omaha Catholic Cemeteries speaking to the parishes about Catholic funerals. What I am going to say today is mostly what he said at our other Masses.
We just celebrated the Feast of All Saints and the Commemoration of All Souls Day. As is our tradition here, we have a candle and name plate for each of those who dies in the last year. It is a great way to introduce the topic for the day. Do you know how these two days, All Saints and All Souls, are alike? You must die to be recognized as a Saint or an “All Soul.” All of us, hopefully, are striving to become Saints, even if it means we are a poor soul in purgatory first. How prepared for that time are you?
Deacon Tardy was not here to sell a place in a cemetery. He was here to discuss the prayerful discernment of preparing for your final days using the richness of our Catholic Rites and that Catholic Cemeteries are a Sacramental Extension of our parish.
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Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts