Mark 10:46-52
Write: [Write down the key verse(s).]
(vs. 48 & 51) “Son of David, have pity on me.” … “Master, I want to see.”
Reflect: [Reflect on the rule (principal or idea), and record what God speaks to your mind and heart.]
There are a number of ways this gospel could be “seen.” The first way is the way that it seems to be written, and is the normal way to look at it. That this blind man understood that Jesus could heal him. It is entirely possible that he had heard the stories of what Jesus had done in and around Galilee. And that he was expecting a miracle to happen. That seems to be the way the gospel story is written. And I am NOT trying to dismiss that view. Jesus was – and is – a miracle worker.
However, let us look at it from a slightly different way. It does not change anything of what the Bible story tells us. Except, that Jesus has a surprise for the man. Look at it this way: this blind man is sitting on the side of the road, begging for money. He hears a crowd going by. He asks what the crowd is about, and is told it is Jesus of Nazareth. Maybe he has heard that he is a rabbi. So he starts begging for money, LOUDLY.
And Jesus calls him up and asks the question: “what do you want me to do for you?” Now, here is where the difference comes in. This guy was expecting a donation, and may have thought he was going to get a large donation because Jesus was making such a big scene out of all of this. That seems to be the way some of the rabbis acted in those days. So when Jesus asks, “what do you want me to do for you.” His response is: “Well, I want to see, but I will take whatever you can give me!”
Yes, it is a sarcastic response. But Jesus does not even let him get to that response. The guy says “I want to see.” And Jesus cuts him off “Go, your faith has saved you.” And just like that he sees, he believes, and he follows.
Apply: [Write out how you can apply the message beginning today.]
What do we come to Jesus expecting to see? What do we think he will do for us, for you? Are you willing to ask him the most important question, the most important need that you have right now? Maybe part of you thinks that what you want to ask for is too trivial for him. Maybe you think it is too big for him. Maybe you think he would not choose to bother with you, either because you are so small, or because you are “such a sinner.” But Jesus is saying to each of us, “come here!”
Are we willing to walk up to Jesus, with an expectant heart? Do we have faith enough to expect miracles? I am afraid we ask so little because we expect so little. It is time to change that. We serve the mighty King of the universe. We are not just his servants, we are his beloved children.
What would you dare to ask God for?
However, as an explanation for why prayers are not answered immediately, St. Augustine wrote this: (Quoting St. Paul) “In this way, power shines forth more perfectly in weakness. These words are written to prevent us from having too great an opinion of ourselves if our prayer is granted, … [on the other hand,] if our prayer is not granted, when we ask for something that would bring us greater affliction, or completely ruin us through the corrupting influence of prosperity [, God may not answer as we want]. In these cases we do not know what is right to ask for in prayer.”
But we must come with expectant faith. And with the prayer that Jesus had in the garden: “Father, not my will, but your will be done.”
Pray/Praise: [Pray the verse; make it your own; talk with Jesus. Ask for his grace and help to work out his word. Rest in his presence and receive his grace.]
Lord Jesus, we want to see. Lord Jesus, we want to walk. Lord Jesus, we want cancer to be gone. Lord Jesus, we want our hearts healed. Lord Jesus, we want families to be healed. Lord Jesus, we want your glory to be revealed. You know what is best for each one of us; and how what you do for us will best serve your kingdom here on earth. Teach us by your Spirit what we are to ask for with an expectant faith, trusting you will answer our prayers. Give us the boldness we need to ask “Master, I want to see…” I want an answer to my prayer.
Help us to serve you with devotion. Help us also to reach out in joyful expectation because you desire to heal us. Take away whatever would keep us from asking for your healing touch. Lord, we are needy. But your gracious mercy longs to fulfill our needs. Help us to ask with open hands, and receive with open and grateful hearts what YOU long for into our lives.