The rich man in the Gospel failed to respect the dignity of Lazarus, the poor man with sores. This is a problem in our society too: not only is there a failure to respect the dignity of each individual, from rich to poor, but this has caused a continuing deterioration of the very fabric of our society. Look at the way the “poorer” ethnicities have come to be treated. Both outside of the group, and more tragically within the group. I think this is the root of the problem with the killings that are happening in our cities. It is not simply police against blacks, but the lack of respect for the personal dignity of each human being – including the issue of abortion – that has left many in the African-American community and the Latino community to abandon families and other Christian moral choices. There are – to be sure – great exceptions and great people in each group, but the breakdown of the society is happening because of the disparity that exists within our society. …read more

Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts