Before I became a priest, I supported an organization that was transporting Bibles into the Soviet Union. I was on a regular newsletter list from the man organizing this movement. In one of his newsletters, he made the claim that if two Christians agreed in prayer to anything, without any qualifications, they would receive what they pray for.
Now, on the surface, that sounds like what Jesus said at the end of the gospel. The problem with it is that he said “without any qualifications”. So, I wrote and challenged him. I said “in another place in the gospel, Jesus asks ‘who among you would give your child a rock instead of a loaf of bread to eat?’ – The same thing holds true here: if two Christians pray for something that will harm them, God is not about to give it to them.”
The result of my challenge was that he deleted me from his mailing list, and I never heard from him again. Neither did I send him anymore money.
So what is it Jesus is suggesting that we do for prayer? I think the first thing he is suggesting we do is to pray only with people who have a …read more

Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts