Let me say at the beginning this weekend that I am concerned that people might think I am, as the saying goes, blowing my own horn. So let me lay out my point first before I give you my example.
Solomon requested wisdom because he did not think he had the skill to lead people as their king. He understood he could not do what he was chosen to do without the help of God.
Jesus, in the Gospel is giving three short parables that ties this all together. The second one is finding the valuable Pearl. When we discover something precious about a need in God’s kingdom, when we see a need that will help people grow in holiness, and it fits our idea of what needs to be done, we get excited and begin to ask God for help to accomplish this.
And it can be something very simple, such as cleaning the church, helping with funeral dinners… any number of things.
Look through the history of the church and you will see many people like this who saw a calling and acted on it. St. Teresa of Calcutta is one example. St. Vincent de Paul is another one. And his …read more

Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts