The weeds mixed in with the wheat: what are they? There is a plant called a darnel that as it grows, looks just like wheat, until the grains of wheat begin to show up. Jesus’ apparent generosity in letting the darnel grow has been looked at from two different ways by many of the ancient writers. At times it is hard to tell the difference between those who are good and those who are bad.
Therefore, God’s generosity offered to everyone during this life, which is our time of spiritual growth, is intended to generate some desire in everyone to live in holiness. But Jesus also makes it clear that not everyone is able or willing to do that.
There are consequences to not bearing proper fruits. If we turn out to be a weed instead of a wheat, the only thing left for us is to be thrown into the fire.
The church gives us the first reading this weekend to remind us of the righteousness of God. Solomon tells us that God’s might is the source of his righteousness. God decides in judgment not because he is a vindictive God, who pays back with revenge the way we seem to, but …read more

Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts