There is no Spanish version of this weekend’s homily because I am on my way to Rome for meetings.
No existe versión española de este fin de semana la homilía porque estoy en mi camino a Roma para las reuniones.
Since I have been focusing on the reading from St. Peter’s for the last few weeks, let me start with it one more week. We begin the reading working with one of the words that I have used lately: sanctify. But we are you using it in a different way this time. Not in the terms of sanctifying grace, but as Peter says: “Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts.” What does it mean to sanctify Christ as Lord in your heart?
For one thing, it means exactly what our evangelical brothers and sisters speak about when they talk about making Jesus the Lord of your life, or your personal Lord and Savior. So, what is the big deal about that idea?
Let’s look at it from another way. Open up your imagination here. Imagine, if you would, and God forbid that this should happen, you are pinned in the wreck of a car. The firefighters show up with all the instruments to get …read more

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