I spent some time reflecting on this service tonight and there were some different kinds of thoughts that surfaced that I have to admit kind of surprised me. So I ask for your forbearance as I try to get the words put in the right form that will make sense. It has not been percolating in my mind for as long as I normally like to have.
We are not going to do a foot washing ceremony this evening, but that is one of the options for this Mass. The reason why, the reasons I should say, are very many. But it is an important image.
As I was thinking about all the was going on in the readings today, what struck me was how this is the place, this is the time where the priesthood was begun with the Last Supper. At this same time, in the same kind of liturgical setting, the night before Jesus dies. And he gives the example to his apostles of being a servant, of washing the feet.
And what struck me with that, in connection with the that the institution of the of the Lord’s Supper, was an understanding of, and another partial …read more

Source:: Fr. Frank Jindra’s Homily Podcasts