As I previously shared with you, the Archdiocese has been reviewing the Southeast Deaneries on how to best align the parishes to support its parishioners and our community with the diminishing number of priests we have.

I recently met with Archbishop Lucas regarding the realignment and the changes impacting Sts. Peter and Paul and St Mary. He shared with me the decision to include Our Lady of Guadalupe and Assumption parishes into our current grouping. This re-alignment will be effective July 1, 2020.
The combining of these parishes, where most of the parishioners are Spanish speakers and/or bilingual, will require a fluent bilingual pastor to oversee. With this comes a change in the pastoral duties. Fr. William (Bill) Bond, currently the Pastor at St. Joseph, is bilingual and will become the
pastor of the Sts. Peter and Paul, St. Mary, and Assumption-Guadalupe parishes. He was ordained in 1999. Fr. Bisbee and I will remain here to support the parishes and its parishioners.

Archbishop Lucas asked that I continue my priestly work with you and help with the administrative responsibilities for the parishes and other responsibilities yet to be determined. He emphasized numerous times that the reason for this change is the language barrier I have right now, and I fully support his decision. I am personally looking forward to working with Fr. Bond to serve all of the parishioners in the new alignment of parishes that are in the heart of South Omaha.

As with any transition, it will take time and patience. I ask for your continued prayers as we integrate our parish communities. I am looking forward to continuing my work with all of you and pray the transition in the upcoming months goes smoothly. If you have questions regarding this change,
please reach out to me to discuss.
God bless you.
Fr. Frank E. Jindra, AS