We do like to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You know what this is leading toour huge boiler debtwhich really belongs to all of us.

There is an idea floating around that if we put our heads, hearts and hands together we could cook up some indemand ethnic foodpackage and freeze it and sell it by the dozen. If we could get our supplies donated, all would be profit and make a dent in our debt.

What would we need to make this happen?

·Some chefs! Do you make awesome sarma, enchiladas, tamales, or such?
Could you make
large batches, organize an assembly line and oversee packaging and freezing in our gymnasium kitchen? – with help from your friends and others?

·Also some people who know the community and have contacts to get supplies donated or find sponsors to pick up the tab.

·Then we would need some behindthescene people. Maybe 1 or 2 couples who could figure out the order blanks, get bulletin notices in to the rectory, set up dates and publicize this event.

We would like to have a kick off meeting on Thursday, January 17th at 6pm in the St. Francis Room to brainstorm how this could come to fruition.

Please consider coming with your ideas and talents and support for our parish.